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Royal Wedding Party Preparations

To prepapre for our school 'Royal Wedding Party' we made mini pizzas and scones with jam and cream. We also created our own crowns and Union Jack flags to wave at the party!

Our Bridge Trip

Willow Class thoroughly enjoyed their bridge trip around Cheltneham. We visited Cheltenham Spa Train Station, Waitrose Bridge and Pittville Park.

RE - Building a Sukkah

In RE we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot, where Jewish people remember when God freed them from slavery in Eygpt. The Jewish people left Eygpt and wandered in the desert for forty years before they reached the promised land of Isreal. As they travelled they built homes out of dry palms and branches. Today, it is traditional for Jewish people to build a Sukkah during Sukkot. Willow Class had a go at building their own Sukkah. We had to remember that the Sukkah should have at least three walls and that the roof shouldn't be completely covered, as Jewish people trust that God will protect them whilst staying in the Sukkot.



Our Gingerbread Party!

As part of our 'Once upon a...' topic, Willow Class threw a Gingerbread party. In English we innovated our own versions of 'The Gingerbread Man' ready to read to our loved ones at the party. We also made Gingerbread jars and created a photo booth! Everyone had a great time at the party and we raised lots of money for Lexi; the puppy we sponsor, who is training to be a guide dog.

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