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Our assemblies

Our assemblies are a key part of our day. The act of collective worship allows us time to reflect on our values and ethos.

Monday's assembly is usually an act of worship reflecting on our value led by Mr Millin or a member of our Senior Leadership Team.

Tuesday is our Praise assembly when we sing (and dance along to) lots of our fun worship songs.

On Wednesdays we are lucky to enjoy Bible Stories performed by Open the Book and our Worship Team.

Thursday's worship is led by Rev Richard from our church or Mrs Cottell (the churches children's worker). We also have other visitors form local churches who come in to lead our worship.

Fridays assembly is a celebration assembly where we reflect on the week and all that we have achieved.

Our Worship Team also lead at least one act of a worship a term and important services throughout the year (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc).


Open the Book