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Percussion Music Workshop

A number of our classes took part in a music workshop in January. The focus was on music from other cultures. 

Muscular Dystrophy Day

We took part in Muscular Dystrophy Day by wearing orange and having a cake sale. Our Worship Team also led assembly tha day. We rasied almost £300 for the charity. 

Construction morning

In February Kier Construction (the builders in charge of our expansion project) led workshops for the whole school. There were four activity stations at the event:


  1. Shaping your world / PPE - Children had the chance to build online avatars on iPads, learn about the careers in construction and dress up in PPE
  2. Marble Run Rally Race – Working together in teams the children were provided with a piece of drainage pipe and needed to work together to run the length of the hall without dropping the ball.
  3. Float your boat – the children built a model boat using just a few paper cups and plastic straws.
  4. Drawing station –  the children were given the chance to design their new classroom space