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Our Curriculum

We have worked hard to try and create an exciting curriculum which takes into account different learning styles. Through topic teaching we give our pupils an inspiring range of opportunities and experiences including; visits to places of related interest, workshops, visitors and exciting practical projects. We always try to start each topic with a 'WOW experience' to excite the children and then work towards something like an assembly, special trip or exhibition for parents to focus our learning.

Please click on the links to see our whole school topic map and details of what is taught in our school curriculum in each academic year.

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To find out more about our curriculum, please visit the relevant class pages. You can also find out how to support your child, especially in Maths or English on the 'Supporting your child' page.

We have adapted our teaching of all subjects to ensure that all aspects of the recently revised National Curriculum are fully addressed. The parents guide below is a helpful tool to understand the new National Curriculum. It sets out the curriculum for each year group by subject. You can find out more about our curriculum from our prospectus which can also be downloaded from the link below:

File icon: pdf Parents guide to the new NC [pdf 788KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Prospectus [pdf 1017KB] Click to download


The Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and some targeted groups in Key Stage 2 follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. This programme aims to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. Children are taught and encouraged to segment and blend words using phonic skills learnt. There are six overlapping phases which the children work through, starting from the Foundation stage. As children learn at different rates, they are grouped according to phase not age. We have daily phonics sessions for all of our children in Foundation and Key Stage 1, supported by a range of resources including Jolly Phonics and the website Phonics Play. At the end of Year 1 all children complete the Phonics Screening check and results are given to parents.


It is our aim at Shurdington C of E Primary School to create a reading culture where the whole school community reads because they enjoy it, they choose what they read and talk to each other about what they read. We firmly believe that reading is a vital skill that underpins all learning.

We have an extensive reading scheme, which combines reading books from a variety of schemes, alongside other hand selected books, together providing a wide range of reading experiences for our children. This is updated regularly. Both the Reading Scheme and Guided Reading sets have been grouped according to the Book Bands/ National Curriculum levels for ease of use.

We also have a reading month in March full of activities like 'extreme reading', a book swap, trips to libraries and book shops as well as a chance for tecahers to share their favourite books with each class. Children also visit other schools and our pre-school to read to each other and talk about books!

A Broad and Balanced curriculum

We have worked hard to ensure our children recieve a broad and balanced curriculum. This includes:

Music Days and workshops

Throughout the year we hold a number of music days; for instance this year we have had a whole school Samba day, 5 days (including 2 concerts) of Ising POP for the whole school, Y5/6 musical workshops and a KS2 Brass workshop. Year 4 have also had a series of brass lessons throughout the Summer Term. Alongside the curriculum we also have a peripatetic guitar teacher who comes in weekly to work with children and plan to also have  peripatetic brass tecaher next year. 

Science Days

We hold a series of whole school science days each year.

Forest Schools

All year groups have Forest Schools every week for a term. KS2 also go to Cranham woods as part of their Forest School experience.

The Daily Mile

All children complete the Daily Mile each day. This means they walk, jog and run around teh school field for 15 minutes daily.

International Days

As well as all of KS2 learning French we also hold a number of international days each year. These are often linked to a major sporting event or an important day in the international calendar. For instance we have had Olympic Days, World Cup days, European Days and a United Kingdom Day. For each of these each class immerses themselves in the culture of a different nation. This may include learning the language, tasting food and learning about local customs. We also celebrate Royal Weddings or key dates in the UK calendar (e.g. St Georges Day).

RE Days

More information about our RE and Value days can be found in our Christian Ethos section of teh website.


All of KS2 go swimming at different times in the year. This year we have used both the Cheltenham Leisure Centre and the Cheltenham Lido!

How do we prepare our pupils for life in multicultural Britain and promote British values?

Our core Christian Values underpin our curriculum and we ensure that we teach tolerance and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith). We try to make sure that aspects of school life, for example the election of our Prime Minister, the school council, house captains, vice-captains and the Worship Team help children understand British values such as democracy. To find out more about the way we promote British please see the link below or look at our Planning Paths on the class pages (links above).

At Shurdington we will actively challenge pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British Values, including ‘extremist’ views.

Other Curriculum Links

File icon: pdf English_Programmes_of_Study_including_Glossary [pdf 687KB] Click to download
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